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The Digestive System

Sep 15, 2018 $

Please Join Mihir Kachroo on Saturday 15 Sep 2018 at 2:00 PM EST and learn about the human digestive system.  

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Confusion of Central and Local ethics board

May 05, 2017 $

Question: We have an ethics board in the same city, so it should be local but the monitor told me that it is a central ethics board. I am so confused?  

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Clinical Research a fairytale story!

Oct 07, 2016 $10

Ever wondered how clinical research started? Listen to the exciting story of clinical research and learn how and why it get started

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"Assessment and rehabilitation of cognitive functions through digital games" MentalPlus, a digital game to evaluate and rehabilitate cognitive functions

Feb 28, 2016 $10

Learn how to stimulate the brain and acquire cognitive skills through digital games, specifically by a cognitive assessment instrument called "MENTALPLUS". Read more

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The Belmont Report

Feb 12, 2016 $40

The Belmont Report summarizes the ethical principles and guidelines for research involving human subjects.

Understand the Belmont report in a simple way! 

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Dark side of clinical research!

Nov 27, 2015 $50

Clinical Research is a field of honesty and truth!  

Learn how clinical research is misused by fabricating a...Read more

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Clinical Research, A Fairy Tale Story!

Oct 30, 2015 $50

Ever wondered what is clinical research and how it got started. Join our webinar and learn the exciting journey of clinical research that will definitely amaze you!

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